Cat Tales

OUR SPECIAL LITTLE MANAttach41121_20190824_175750

This little guy is why we spend sleepless nights bottle feeding, long days doing fundraising, and basically loving what we do as cat and kitten rescuers…

Little Man Conner was born on July 6, 2019 and was definitely the runt with 2 other kittens. Just Cats got him and his siblings 5 days later on July, 11 2019.

Bottle fed them every 3 hours using KMR as was our usual protocol with neonatals. They all ate really well and were thriving. Two weeks later, his brother stopped eating…faded…and died on July 31, 2019. He and his sister, Cassie, appeared to be doing fairly well, but she also faded 2 weeks later and died in the middle of August 😦


Cassie was the strong one! We had no idea what was going on and had to completely change our procedures with Little Man…

He was 6 weeks old and in deep trouble…not eating on his own, still needing help with bathroom and grooming duties, and staying warm.

We figured it might be an allergy to the formula they were getting so we immediately took Little Man off of it! He got a mixture of vitamins for kittens, water and special wet kitten food every 2.5 hours. He went everywhere with his caretaker and was kept warm and as hydrated as possible. Every day he was alive, eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing was a miracle!



Our other special needs kitten Milo (stay tuned for his amazing story!) stepped up and groomed Little Man and kept him warm. So did another of our rescue kittens named Monty.

Soon, Little Man had his own little playpen and was walking around and even using the litter box! September 1, 2019 he was set free and allowed to roam the whole house!


He is now 11 weeks old, a bit strange looking,Attach40784_20190820_094411 and doesn’t yet weigh a pound, but he is just as playful, feisty, and affectionate an any other “normal” kitty 🙂


He reminds us every day why we never quit trying to save these precious little lives and get them into a loving forever families 🙂


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