Cat Tales

Cat Tales

20180603_153954Our sweet Tia, who is listed on our adoptable cats and kittens page, is not as sweet and innocent as she looks 🙂

One day, she woke from a nap and saw her victim just lying on the couch, unguarded, alone…

She quietly sneaked up and pounced!

She grabbed the sock and ran down the hall! She tossed it in the air, she rolled it around the floor, and spent the whole day dragging it all over the place. Other kitties trying to snatch her prize only received a paw upside the head and growls 🙂

Finally, she fell asleep and were able to save the sock and give it a good rest in the washing machine 🙂

When Tia isn’t dragging her sock around, she is a serious about sharing cuddles and giving small kisses on the cheek and nose of her cuddle partner.