Our Cats/Kittens


From our creation in March 2017 to December 2017, JUST CATS has rescued and re-homed over 30 cats and kittens! PLEASE help us continue our support of our community and the stray cats that are still out there. Click the button and help us save furry lives!



These are cats and kittens currently available for adoption:

From top clockwise:

Taz and Harley – abandoned by the family of their deceased guardian. These lovable, super sweet boys are currently living at the veterinary clinic where the dedicated and compassionate staff has been caring for them over the past 2 months. They were brought in for euthanization, but were talked into surrendering these amazing cats. They are 7 and 9 years old. Taz is the more playful and Harley’s amazing purr will comfort you during these cold nights πŸ™‚

Bonnie and Clyde – This brother/sister duo were going to be euthanized by the family of their guardian. They have been fostered during the last three months and are about 6 months old. Bonnie and Clyde are both fun and playful, with Clyde being the more snuggly. According to their foster family, Clyde loves to snuggle and give kisses πŸ™‚

Missy and Suzie – These beautiful sisters are inn need of re-homing due to the inability of their guardians to properly care for them anymore. They are very sweet, about 2-years old, but need to be in a home without children or other pets.

The pictures below are just a few of the cats and kittens that have been saved and re-homed by JUST CATS: